The Human Operating Manual

The Human Operating Manual


The human body: An amazingly complex energetic and biological structure that is comprised of trillions of cells, which operate synergistically to maintain homeostasis within its ecosystem.

Our bodies are our homes. Homes that require maintenance to prevent them from falling apart prematurely. Fortunately for us, our homes are made of hardworking cells and mutually beneficial organisms, that do the majority of the heavy lifting required to keep us alive and kicking. However, as the self-proclaimed “leaders” of these ecosystems, it is our responsibility to make sure our bodies have all the resources they need to get their jobs done.

 This is where the Human Operating Manual comes in.

To prevent cellular workplace injuries, the processes and procedures on this website will help you to provide your cells with safer working conditions, in a way that is specialized to your requirements.

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This website was developed as a personal project to consolidate my ideas into a physical manual. I’ve summarized and rewritten where possible, but please be aware that all credit goes to the authors listed in the summary and resource lists. Also, keep in mind that because this is my “scratchpad” of notes, there will be errors littered throughout.

Finally, it should go without saying that you shouldn’t use this website as medical advice and should do follow-up research before believing anything you read here.    

The Ultimate
Cheatsheet List


Vitamins, Minerals, & Supplements

The ultimate guide for understanding what those tiny words are on the back of food labels do.

Optimal Longevity: The Physical Performance Hierarchy

Movement principles for developing a strong and healthy body.

Chasing Longevity

Optimized lifestyle routines to live long and to live well.

N = 1

Health tests and guides for self-quantification and biohacking.

Find the Right Plan For You

To take control of your health, rather than waiting for something to go wrong, contact us below.


The plan for those who feel broken, disenfranchised, and disempowered. Simple but effective.

The process:

  • Assess the areas of concern
  • Make small, positive changes
  • Establish purpose
  • Reassess and rebuild


A guide for those hard-charging individuals who wanted to improve their performance yesterday. The shotgun effect.

The process:

  • Find the areas of inefficiency
  • Integrate proven biohacking techniques
  • Measure performance and reassess


The plan for those who would like to rebuild with a more holistic perspective. 

The process:

  • Take stock and assess all areas of life
  • Establish goals and set a target
  • Consciously add new habits with a ground up model with ongoing assessment.

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