The Human Operating Manual

Physical Health

Bodily dysfunction is expressed or observed as the culmination of unmet requirements, the inability to recover from a physical insult, or a postural deficit acquired from adaptation to an unnatural environment. 

When we look at ourselves in the bathroom mirror in the morning, chances are we aren’t looking for postural imbalances or symptoms of ill health. Whether we like to admit it or not, vanity often takes a higher priority than figuring out why the sclera of our eyes aren’t as white as they used to be. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, seeing as beauty (although culturally specific) is generally determined by symmetry and health status. However, by focusing on ways we can superficially achieve these beauty standards for the sake of mate-seeking and status acquisition in the short term, we tend to forgo the routines that lead to greater health and longevity. Except, of course, in the case where we use a gym membership to sculpt our bodies in a more sexually appealing manner. Then again, no amount of make-up can cover up a gut or add 10 pounds of muscle to your frame.  

Which brings us to the purpose of this section: tailoring our lifestyles to improve the functionality of our bodies, managing pain and recovery from previous injuries, and presenting ourselves as healthier, and as a consequence, more sexually appealing human beings. Alternatively, if physical performance and sensory efficiency is your goal, we will address optimizing vision, hearing, gustation, olfaction, and physical resistance too.  

Choose Your Own Adventure

Chronic Pain (To Be Completed)

Ongoing pain that seems to have no resolution, with or without a sign of physical degradation.

The Senses (To Be Completed)

Eyes, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Making sure our senses remain top notch throughout our lives.

Gut Health (To Be Completed)

Maintaining the health of the entire gut tube and all the beneficial bacteria that come with it.

Postural Health (To Be Completed)

Facial symmetry, teeth, the diaphragm, the core, pelvic floor, adductors, and the feet. Creating strength throughout the body to establish optimal posture.

The Beautification Cheat Sheet (To Be Completed)

Creating symmetry and, as a result, longevity.

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