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Typically, when we think about the environment, the image of trees, rocks, and waterfalls comes to mind. However, for the purpose of this website, we will consider the environment everything that is external to you and your body. This may include your home, family, friends, city, country, the air, the water, the sun, and everything in between. All these factors influence our wellbeing much more than we realize. Leaving us vulnerable to social, physical, psychological, and spiritual manipulation. 

Now, I don’t mean to say that you need to isolate yourself from impurities by refusing social interaction and exposure to the outside world. First of all, if you have read the social or purpose section of this website, you would already be aware of how counterintuitive that would be for our mental health. Also, there are much easier ways of gaining control of your health that involve very little involvement on our part.    

There’s a threshold to the threat that certain environmental stressors may pose. It is up to you to find that line.

Our bodies are incredibly resilient and thrive on being exposed to mild hormetic stressors, such as playing with dirt and farm animals during early development. At the other end of the spectrum, poisoned drinking water, polluted air, and abusive relationships are not conducive towards a healthy lifestyle. 

The confusion over what constitutes a healthy environment arises when individuals show high susceptibility to environmental reactivity during a period of high stress. Stress that can compile due to drug abuse, poor nutrition choices, inactivity, and sleep deprivation. Not to mention the more environmentally influenced factors such as a moldy household, polluted city living, high plastic consumption, overusing hygiene products, seemingly unnoticeable high levels of electromagnetic activity, radiation, blue light, and treated drinking water that is devoid of electrolytes and important minerals.     

So, does that mean we need to escape into the wilderness to avoid these environmental insults?

It is entirely possible for our bodies to handle a fair amount of these toxic chemicals and foreign stressors without the need for us to go back to living on the savannah. All we need to do is re-establish our relationship with nature, eliminate extreme/detrimental stressors, and to pay better attention to our bodies. Something that we address in the following links.

So, whether you need help figuring out how to “clean-up” your household, how to design your life for optimal health and performance, or if you are curious about finding out more about how little old humans fit into the grand scheme of things, click one of the links below. 

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Finding the right balance of hormetic stressors.

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Exploring our connection to the ecosystem, biosphere, and the universe.

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Taking control of your immediate environment so you no longer have to rely on luck.

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