The Human Operating Manual


Human beings take pride in being the greatest logically minded creatures on the planet. It is believed by some that it was our intelligence that led to our geographical takeover and technological advancement. While the scientific method and the consequences of its utilization may have played a part in our global domination, logic and reason are not inherently our default modes of thinking. In fact, the desire to seek pleasure and the fear of danger are motivational tools that, more often than not, come well before any sign of executive functionality.  

Logic and the use of the scientific method are still in their infancy and require ongoing effort and education to ensure the brain can override our reflexive emotional tendencies. We also have to take heed of the fact that we are social animals that unknowingly mimic each other’s thoughts and behaviors for the purpose of strengthening relationships. As confident as we are that the source of our intellect is due to clear and methodical processes, it is most often the case that our perspectives have been altered by a huge list of heuristics and biases. This is why the scientific method is a useful tool for helping to remove ourselves from the equation, while documenting the process for replicability. It is far from perfect and impossible to eliminate all human influence, however, it is the best we can do given our limited senses.    

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The Scientific Method (To Be Completed)

The process of making observations, generating hypotheses, conducting research, and analyzing the results.

Understanding Statistics (To Be Completed)

How to read and understand scientific papers and basic statistics.

The History of Science (To Be Completed)

The journey of scientific discovery through the ages.

Scientific Methodology Cheat Sheet (To Be Completed)

How to understand and use science as an everyday tool.

The Science Rabbit Hole (To Be Completed)

Belief in scientists vs. science as a tool.

Rabbit Hole Blogs

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