The Human Operating Manual

Part IV: Simplifying Dysfunction

Dealing with the root causes of sickness rather than the symptoms.

When something unexpected occurs, it is often attributed to bad luck, bad genetics, or an act of god. The truly unfortunate reality is that we often, unknowingly, create most of the problems in our lives and society ourselves.

The main reason being, we don’t tend to remember every single interaction that we have with the world or calculate the risk of those actions in a logical manner. Nor do we have the capacity to understand the consequences of those actions ten years down the track. So, it’s not as easy as calling somebody ignorant – for not realizing they were unintentionally causing harm to themselves or others, or an idiot – for knowing the consequences of their actions and engaging in questionable activities anyway.

What we can do to combat this, is to identify the major underlying causes of dysfunction within the human system and use this information to manage our lifestyles rather than waiting for symptoms of dysfunction to occur. Obviously, that’s easier said than done, but if we can filter through the old and redundant biases we still carry and start to become more curious about how our bodies work we may be able to lessen our chances of “bad luck”.   

Luckily for us, we have a seemingly endless stream of information accessible online and the ability to collaborate with anyone with an internet connection. However, if we are to investigate the cause of personal and global ailments effectively, we need to eliminate our conflicts of interest to the best of our abilities (document them when that isn’t possible) and take responsibility for ourselves, instead of blaming the government or media industry. 

Once we address our individually controllable factors, we can break into the factors that affect us all on a social level. Finally, we can start to envision the type of world we need to create that will allow population wide equity in the Steps to “Optimal Health.”

For now, here are the categories we need to address:  

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