The Human Operating Manual

The Origin of Everything

If you thought deconstructing what it means to be human wasn’t grandiose enough, what about investigating the birth of the universe itself? Before we go any further, let me save everybody’s time by mentioning that this will not result in a scripture lesson. Nor will I attempt to predict anybody’s love life by reading the stars. This is not that type of self-help manual. Then again, if we aren’t taking a journey down mythic lane, what is the point in learning about the current scientific consensus about the origin of existence on a website about the human body?

To cut a long story short, without the beginning of something rather than nothing, life (and in our case, humans) would not exist. 

Life is unlikely to be separate from the rest of existence. If anything, it is an expression of what already is rather than an exception. Without dispelling the illusion of separateness, we will continue to believe we are something external to the universe and we’ll never learn to coexist within it. Now, I know I just said this wasn’t going to be a woo-woo spiritual journey, so you may need to bear with me while I explain… 

Choose Your Own Adventure

The Big Bang (To Be Completed)

The proposed birth of the universe and the smallest observable elements.

The Forces (To Be Completed)

Gravity, electromagnetism, and the weak and strong nuclear forces.

Entropy (To Be Completed)

A comprehensive look at the driver of time and space.

Emergence & Complexity (To Be Completed)

Macro and micro pattern recognition and tying it all together.

The Universal Rabbit Hole (To Be Completed)

A missed opportunity for a black hole joke.

Rabbit Hole Blogs

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