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Now it’s time for the happy and sparkly utopian section of the website! The moment where we learn to come together as species, accept our existence as nothing more than the universe experiencing the passage of time through the lens of entropically accelerated biomatter, and where we develop the optimal way to organize a pot luck dinner so that half the guests don’t bring 99c packets of chips.  

All jokes aside, being a part of a community that functions to increase the quality of life of its individual members is pretty important. In fact, as discussed earlier in the social and purpose section, teamwork and diversification of skills were a major part of the reason why humans were able to lay claim to the planet. However, somewhere along the line, we forgot how to exist as a collective and yet we still crave it.  

“Only in community with others has each individual the means of cultivating his gifts in all directions; only in the community, therefore, is personal freedom possible.” ― Karl Marx

Cue the communism alarm bells and complete disregard of whatever that quote was just now. 

It is entirely possible that one of the reasons we’ve unconsciously distanced ourselves from community-minded thinking is due to the fear of being identified as a communist. Which is unfortunate seeing as we all desperately long for connection but are convinced the only way we’ll achieve that is through religion, sport, or getting really really rich so we can buy lots of expensive stuff and then maybe everyone will stop making fun of us and wanna be our friends now… A topic we will delve into in more in the links below. 

Let’s be honest, we are all intuitively aware of the importance of community. What we all really need to learn is how to allow aspects of community building into our lives without the need of excuses, how to avoid joining cults that take advantage of our biological urges to be connected, and how to effectively promote the safety and collective growth of its members without resorting to group-think. Topics that are covered in greater detail below. 

Choose Your Own

Unification (To Be Completed)

The lost art of unification and why being engaged in a community is crucial for health and wellness.

Selfishly Altruistic (To Be Completed)

How being altruistic is the most selfish thing you can do and why that's a good thing.

Tribes vs Cults (To Be Completed)

How to tell the difference between a synergistic community and a toxic cult.

Tribe Cheatsheet (To Be Completed)

A comprehensive list of ways to get involved in groups that inspire growth in a mutual fashion.

The Community Rabbit Hole (To Be Completed)

Follow us down into the depths of the unification research rabbit hole.

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