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The topic everyone wants to talk about but are too scared to strike up a conversation about. For good reason too. We all know somebody, who seems to have no filter, that loves to use explicit details when describing their sexual encounters. Generating the attention they crave by harnessing the conversational skill of inciting shock in the listener. Which raises the question: Why do we feel so uncomfortable when these aspiring comedians and/or attention deprived individuals use such vulgar language? The answer is just as uncomfortable as the language itself:       

We are all sex obsessed animals who are simultaneously primed to be scared of being perceived as sexual deviants. 

Meaning the very act of being reminded of sex forces us to think about our own experiences and repressed sexual identity. However, when asked this question, most people tend to respond defensively by suggesting that a world without sexual stigmatization would result in some form of dystopian rape culture. Seeing as this is such a divisive topic, we’ve chosen to give the subject of destigmatizing sex it’s own section below. 

Until we can overcome the societal hang up of talking about sex, we’ll have to do our best to discuss the benefits of a healthy sex life, sexual relationships, and ways of optimizing sexual experiences in the pages below.

We understand completely if you feel afraid of being caught reading a section about sex, lest you be perceived as a prude for not inheriting expert knowledge out of the void or a sexual deviant for being interested in one of the greatest human motivational drivers that forms a proportionally huge part of our identity. You can rest assured knowing that I still felt ridiculous writing about it.  

Choose Your Own

Sex Basics (To Be Completed)

The benefits of sex, its biological purpose, and why humans can't get enough of it.

Biological Sex (To Be Completed)

Exploring the biological differences between the sexes.

Optimizing Pleasure (To Be Completed)

Optimizing the sexual experience for both males and females and why pure hedonism might not be the answer.

Sex Cheatsheet (To Be Completed)

A comprehensive list of sexual concepts to transform business time into an extended vacation.

The Sex Rabbit Hole (To Be Completed)

*Insert joke here*

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