The Human Operating Manual


Why think about thinking? Like, really. What is the point of dwelling on thought, instead of just living our lives? First of all, philosophy challenges the way we do things. In the game of life, things often move too quickly to comprehend what is happening on a grand scale. We may repeat the same mistakes over and over again without a clue as to how to change the outcome. Passing down wisdom through the ages can help to shorten the learning curve. 

Choose Your Own Adventure

A Brief History of Philosophy (To Be Completed)

Looking at the major players of Western and Eastern philosophy.

The Religiosity Cup (To Be Completed)

The wisdom that used religious ideologies as vessels. A vessel to be sipped from and not binged.

Language & Meaning (To Be Completed)

Making sense of a world that has lost all meaning.

Philosophy's Shortcomings (To Be Completed)

Where philosophy falls short and reality starts to wane.

Life Lessons (To Be Completed)

A compilation of philosophical ideas to help the everyman get through life.

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