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Otherwise known as learning, discovery is the process of uncovering new information, for the purpose of reintegrating an updated multisensory map of the environment. Updating your map of the world offers the possibility of creating a more accurate mental threat detection model, which also means you won’t be such a big scaredy cat.  

What does learning have to do with being scared?

At the risk of generalizing, fear is the body’s reflexive response to unknown or dangerous stimuli. A completely normal and potentially life saving response that results in us fighting, freezing, or running away from a dangerous threat. At least until we can gain enough information about that new stimuli to determine whether or not it is safe to be around. Which means, spending more time learning new things or talking to people who have grown up with a different perspective than us makes us much less likely to perceive the new stimuli as a threat. Do you see where I’m going with this? 

Luckily for us, the act of adventuring out into the world and discovering new things is inherently enjoyable. Especially in children who have not yet learned to associate learning itself with sitting in a room, being forced to obey the rules of authority, and getting ostracized or punished if they cannot perform well in rote learning tests about abstract concepts that have no value or interest to that child.       

This is why we have chosen the word “discovery” instead of “learning”. Discovery still paints a picture of excitement and exploration in one’s mind. Which is more conducive towards creating a better learning experience and greater retention of information.  

Whether you want to relearn the art of discovery, find out how learning a new skill can improve your health and wellbeing, or if you want to learn shortcuts to retaining information quickly, click one of the links below.   

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