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Underrated and unassuming, mindfulness is the practice of observing the current moment without judgement, craving, or clinging. A skillset that has far reaching benefits in every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, the act of trying too hard to be mindful can result in the inability to achieve it. Which is why mindfulness practices, such as meditation, spend more time focusing on observation of the surrounding environment and the natural rhythmic processes of the body, rather than the attainment of some zen-like enlightened state.   

If we become more mindful, does that mean we’ll no longer be called “sheeple” on social media by angry young disenfranchised  men who are longing for acceptance?

Self-reflection and a good hug might be the only things that will stop their fingers from wrestling their keyboards. What being more mindful can actually do is make us less likely to be baited by those inflammatory comments. Typically, mindfulness practices better equip you to empathize with others, observe your immediate visceral response to interactions, and as a result, interact in a more thoughtful manner. Although, this doesn’t mean that you’ll become spiritually enlightened and holier than though (if that’s the case you’ve probably missed the point). The act of being more mindful means you can better assess situations less reflexively. It is still up to you how you respond after the observation.

Remarkably, the power of a consistent mindfulness practice has the potential to extend well beyond the realm of the online comments section. To read more into these benefits or to get started on your own mindfulness practice, click one of the links below.      

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What being mindful means, why mindfulness matters, and how to begin a mindfulness program without retreating to the mountains.

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How to be more present. No assembly required.

Meditation (To Be Completed)

Exploring the many styles of meditation and why we should practice them.

Mindfulness Cheatsheet (To Be Completed)

A comprehensive list of mindfulness techniques. Specifically for the type A individual who wants to achieve enlightenment yesterday.

The Mindfulness Rabbit Hole (To Be Completed)

Follow us down into the depths of the mindfulness research rabbit hole.

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