The Human Operating Manual

Private Consultations

By filling out the consultation form below, you take the first step towards personal health autonomy. You will receive a free comprehensive wellness questionnaire that delves into every aspect of your life—from diet and exercise to sleep patterns and mental health. This in-depth analysis allows us to tailor a wellness plan that is as unique as you are.

Once you complete your holistic health assessment you can use it to inform your health journey. Alternatively, you can send it back to us and I will personally review your responses, so we can go over the results of your detailed questionnaire. If you would like to proceed with our paid services, we will send a range of consultation times so you may book a call with myself or one of the team.    

This call is a chance for us to discuss your wellness goals and determine how we can best support you in achieving them.

Bear in mind that these consultations are intensive for all involved. So, we will only move forward if you are committed to change.

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