The Human Operating Manual

The HOM Timeline

A Graphic Representation of the Journey

I’m sure you may have noticed something quite peculiar about this website… 

There are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of empty pages. Believe it or not, we did this to create a transparent map for the reader. So, why risk annoying the crap out of people visiting the website, who are searching for a quick answer, you ask? 

  1. This website isn’t for profit, so we aren’t losing anything
  2. The readers can see our intentions and offer suggestions
  3. We can see where we are going and fill in sections as we go
  4. We want the site to evolve as we do

This is a ridiculous project we are working on, so we don’t really have time to be precious about making every word perfect. It’s quite likely that the HOM website of 2025 will look nothing like the HOM website of 2021. We are prepared to make a lot of mistakes and to correct them when necessary. While we’re not saying this website is a work of art, we would like to believe that, as creators and fallible human beings, we can treat it as such.  

Without further ado, here are the future projections of the website and the Human Operating Manual itself:


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